Remedy Quarterly // A Food Journal

Remedy Quarterly is an independent food journal featuring stories with recipes at the heart of them. I can’t get enough of food writing so I pick up a copy whenever I’m browsing a local stockist.


“Remedy Quarterly gives people, whether professional food writers or top-notch grandmas, a place to share their stories and recipes.”  – Kelly Carambula, founder of Remedy Quarterly

I was excited to have a story published in their latest issue themed Change. It’s a story about a change of place and pace and how, for the first time, I’m glad to wake early:

When spring arrives my husband and I trade our cramped Los Angeles apartment kitchen for a lakeside fire pit under the open sky. Weekend backpacking in the Sierras has become a new tradition and my favorite meal is our first breakfast in the woods. Dehydrated meals are a staple for packing light, but we refuse to skimp on our beloved Cowboy Breakfast. There’s something about cooking over an open fire wearing long johns as the sun starts to warm the morning air–it’s the best breakfast you’ll have.

Recipes included: herb-marinated steak and sweet corn cakes


I was delighted to see the illustrations by Daniel Haskett.

Additional recipes from contributors in issue 16:

  • brie-crusted mushroom & challah bread pudding
  • heirloom tomato & shishito pepper panzanella
  • apple strudel
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • maple pear brandy hot toddy

Delicious stuff just in time for the holidays. Visit


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