The Year of Abundance

When I take a moment to come up for air from my sea of to-do lists, the view is quite nice. It’s hard to appreciate it when treading through bills and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, but 2013 is off to a pretty good start. I keep saying it’s our Year of Abundance. We aren’t overly financially abundant at the moment, but we’re overflowing with creativity and joy. All else is bound to follow.

We were unable to visit my parents at Christmastime for the first year ever(!) and it stung everybody in the chest. On the bright side, big changes were in motion to distract us. My parents are moving from Tampa to Columbus for Dad’s new job—they haven’t thawed enough to house hunt yet; I got rocked on the ring finger; Kevin starred in his first feature film; and my younger brother Mike is starting a crazy adventure with LINK (Liberty in North Korea) as a Nomad—he’s traversing the country in a van for three months spreading awareness about the North Korean crisis and fundraising to aid refugees. He is brave. Three months on the road with a load of new faces. Real World Road Trip!

Most exciting to me is this, right here. I’m writing! It feels incredibly satisfying to do what uplifts me. My goal is to write like mad this year. This blog space helps. It is small, but momentous. I’m sure I’ll post some bad pieces and overshare and inadvertently offend, but from what I gather, a lot of bad work must be done to get to the good. I am fearless and ready.

My other goal is ballet training. The first toenail was sacrificed to the pointe shoe today and it will only get harder from here. Yes, of course I would stop if it weren’t the most staggeringly beautiful art form in existence. My hamstrings and Achilles defy me like an angry teenager. Flexibility was so much easier when I was a child and had a gymnastics coach yelling and sitting on my back to stretch me. Time to get mean and be my own coach!

Success will be a sweet reward and speaking of, this dip is a worthy one too. Do not write this off as a mere snacky prelude to the main feast. I went to visit my dear friends Majelle and Jen (a stellar cook) and a bowl of this greeted me innocently from the counter. It’s just an appetizer, of course, but I managed to make it a meal because I didn’t stop eating it the entire evening. That’s the one problem—it’s not like having a slice or two of pizza. A slice of pizza is clear and honest; you’ve already established the number of slices allowed before guilt strikes. Dip is a sneaky glob eaten in a variety of portions depending on the sturdiness of crunch & form of the vehicle. Further darkening this gray area is the problem of nibbling. You have breakfast, lunch, and dinner; these are engagements with routine start and end times. When does nibbling end? Nobody knows–possibly never. If this appetizer turns into a meal, you have a just excuse.


  • 1 package of cream cheese
  • crumbled blue cheese
  • chopped pecans
  • chopped dates
  • chopped green onions

Mix! Adjust ingredient amounts to your preference.

We ate with Trader Joe’s Raisin Rosemary Crisps. Any cracker will do.


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